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Hồ Sơ: 1465255 Đăng Ký Hồ Sơ Sửa Chữa Hồ Sơ Xem Thư Từ Tìm Kiếm Hồ Sơ Báo Cáo Hồ Sơ Xấu Trang Chính

 Larry Holland - ID: 1465255
 IP và Ngày: on July 6, 2019 at 1:02pm
 Sửa Chữa Ngày:  July 8, 2019 at 6:22pm
 Giới Tính:  Nam
 Tuổi:  50
 Chiều Cao:  6 Feet 0 Inches (183 cm)
 Cân Nặng:  145 lbs (66 kg)
 Thân Hình:  Average
 Từ Thành Phố:  Houston
 Tiểu Bang:  Texas
 Zip:  77072
 Đất Nước:  United States
 Tôn Giáo:  Thiên Chúa Giáo
 Học Vấn:  MA/MS/MBA
 Nghề Nghiệp:  Installation
 Hút Thuốc:  Không Hút Thuốc
 Uống Rượu:  Không Biết Uống Rượu
 Gia Cảnh: Đang Ở Goá
 Mục Tiêu:  Spend time with my love ones and family Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Giờ Rãnh Rỗi:  Go for sight seeing and holiday with my family and love ones Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Tôi Là:  I'm just looking to be happy with one woman, that's it, I thrive on stability and romance and I don't look to play a blame game,I know when I am wrong about something and have no problem apologizing when i am wrong, i just want someone who can be the same as I am, i consider myself, sweet, romantic, caring,loving, attentive, affectionate, understanding, forgiving andlets not forget kinda sexy, lol... I know how to love and to show it all the time.. I give a lot more then I take, its my nature but have sadly only found woman that take.. i play fair and believe in being honest and open at all times, i don't live by a double standard and only ask the same.. she should know how to let something go and not throw it in my face for the rest of my life, lol...Keep it fair and keep it real, that's all I ask.. No more games,if you not looking for someone to build something with then please,I'm too old for games, i prefer being with one person and sharing all that life has to offer with her, Thank you for reading my honesty... Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Tìm Kiếm:  I'm Looking To meet one woman that knows how to be part of a relationship,knows how to communicate, is understanding of someones faults, refuses to see her own faults and flaws and isn't all out for herself and one sided.A woman that dreams of me all day long and thinks of me as well and knows how to show it as I will be doing the same for her... I dream of true, undying love,just like Noah and Allie in the notebook, call me a hopeless romantic but i still believe I will find the fairy tale ending. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt

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