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Ho So: 1484435 Dang Ky Ho So Sua Chua Ho So Xem Thu Tu Tim Kiem Ho So Bao Cao Ho So Xau Trang Chinh

 Careful! - ID: 1484435
 IP va Ngay: on June 4, 2020 at 7:38pm
 Sua Chua Ngay:  October 16, 2020 at 12:30pm
 Gioi Tinh:  Nam
 Tuoi:  48
 Chieu Cao:  5 Feet 11 Inches (180 cm)
 Can Nang:  175 lbs (80 kg)
 Than Hinh:  Slim
 Tu Thanh Pho:  Anaheim
 Tieu Bang:  California
 Zip:  9- - - -
 Dat Nuoc:  United States
 Ton Giao:  No Religion
 Hoc Van:  MA/MS/MBA
 Nghe Nghiep:  Business Owner
 Hut Thuoc:  Non-smoker
 Uong Ruou:  Not drink at all
 Gia Canh: Single
 Muc Tieu:  18 wheeler is my brother. The man and I both don't have any intent [hunt] or hurt anyone. Just like Google and FBI and CNN and/or everybody's don't want to see you suffered. Specific don't wanna see you sleep in the box and toilet behind the tree like Vietnamese women victim of different race males and now crying all over website around the world. Google and FBI telling you do not listen to stupid bum different race males and why, because they're using app free phone installed. Intend fluent in English like America's homeless crisis. Youtube. America on truckin. Google. Trucking companies only 03 million trucks but immigrants owned over 04 million trucks. Lift truck hood up see DD15 Made in Germany and see D14 Made in Sweden. Visit sea shipping lines see engines Made in Denmark. Why from Berlin to Rome to Tokyo to Seoul to Beijing to Hanoi's using engines Made in Denmark swimming their vessel around 07 sea that's why once click on their IP address will see the stupid bum living in motel shooting dope smoking drug and living in homeless shelter like homeless in Oakland California making the whole world ran off 900 mile/hr. Scary heart attack! Sex offenders nearby. Google. Truck Lines nearby. Google. Single women nearby. Google. Homeless crisis nearby. Google. Fake documents working overseas doesn't work. Doctors have no home address and business phone like family oriented middle finger to Vietnamese women face saw from youtube videos of Phobolsa TV. Junk is forever junk no more no less. Korean nearby never running wild on street one side Donald Trump but the other side Joe Biden for what. Be like them NO. Absolutely no! Automaker can't do that. Japanese Chinese and the rest communities living in America never wanna be like them near future homeless do crimes for living toilet on sidewalk. Living in the land math and science passed the most only 2% youtube. Million websites around the world saying the stupid champ! Engineering billion degrees homeless. Youtube. Nuclear submarine homeless. Rocket science satellite homeless. Youtube. The whole world knows the basis how to build all things. No new! Dubai built city on sand. Youtube. Within 05 years 100 tall buildings. Several sea port. Sea world and airport all that was built within 05 year. People using brain not needed stupid bum! People brought machines produce all construction supply right there in zone. But them waiting for air cargo and sea shipping come thereafter trucks. Trucks cannot run on sand! Air cargo cannot plane on sand. Oh ok! Wait for me build these way first. Super stupid! They are none but a whole bunch stupid but didn't realize the whole world look at them like what's. Spend sometime to views video to understand how Tokyo Berlin and the world industrial equipment suppliers was. You don't wanna be like them. Especially, woman easy make money in America. Only 01% bank account more than $10k. Speak Lee's Sandwiches millionaire is better. Speak trucker $300 a day maybe enough for living. Speak em nail have no customer falling sleep! Speak em accountant now unemployment. Speak em banking hello em where you're at. Staying home sleep. Covid - 19 nothing but first page of the book million pages total. Doi qua tieng Viet
 Gio Ranh Roi:  education and the titles failed - convince no one! Did not qualified for billion jobs and categories from oil and gas to Hollywood jobs to Microsoft jobs to aircraft jobs to sea shipping lines jobs to truck lines jobs. Nuclear ICBM doctors engineers lawyers does not work. Driving car with registration - good. Living in door - good. Working every day is good. In middle nowhere using app free phone installed connected to wi-fi messages toilet on sidewalk - no no - that is scary heart attack can't do that. Since youtube videos showing engineering 03 degrees homeless. And sinc the following of youtube videos showing all highway speed education homeless, nothing argue about! Engines Made in Denmark using for, from vessel to cargo ship is the Facebook nothing can do any difference. Automotive of Thailand and Vinfast car of Vietnam good looking. TV phone and computer of Vietnam not bad like was though. Zero Asians speak language of do crime for living. Doi qua tieng Viet
 Toi La:  fully info identity of mine in USCIS. Have my name in SSA.( My SS. Number showing tax paid every year. Vehicle insurance has my name. Even just read cell number of mine all truck stop on map of America well known. Not needed more any explanation. Unlike individual have no names showing. Scary sight! Doi qua tieng Viet
 Tim Kiem:  Rent out there only $100 a month or $450 a month. In truck place rent cheapest when compared to California rent situation. Doi qua tieng Viet

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