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 Linda Le Nguyen - ID: 373926
 IP va Ngay: on September 8, 2005 at 8:02pm
 Sua Chua Ngay:  December 5, 2008 at 10:18am
 Gioi Tinh:  Nu
 Tuoi:  60
 Chieu Cao:  5 Feet 3 Inches (160 cm)
 Can Nang:  115 lbs (52 kg)
 Than Hinh:  Average
 Tu Thanh Pho:  Dallas FW
 Tieu Bang:  Texas
 Zip:  76014
 Dat Nuoc:  United States
 Ton Giao:  Buddhist/Taoist
 Hoc Van:  High School graduate
 Nghe Nghiep:  Business Management
 Hut Thuoc:  Heavy smoker
 Uong Ruou:  heavy drinker
 Gia Canh: Married
 Muc Tieu:  hmmm... have my studio.... but I know its just a dream... Mình rất đơn sơ, rất mong có 1 mái ấm gia đình củng như mọi ngừơi, ai ai củng mong có 1 hạnh phúc đơn sơ của riêng mình, nhưng có hay không thì để thời gian chứng minh...... Doi qua tieng Viet
 Gio Ranh Roi:  I like to do mess around with graphic design, even thought I'm no good at it.. lolz, I'm also interesting in fashion design, flyer, website, animation, write song, sing, cook... well there are tooooo many things to list out! I'll tell you later... Doi qua tieng Viet
 Toi La:  <<QQ>> What is your name? <<LL>> Linda Le Nguyen <<QQ>> What's your vietnamese's Name? <<LL>> Diểm Nhi <<QQ>> Where were you born? <<LL>> I was born in Vietnam but I never lived there, was raised and lived in THAILAND most of my life. <<QQ>> where are you from? <<LL>> I'm from TX for now <<QQ>> Are you mixed? <<LL>> Nope I'm 100% Vietnamese <<QQ>> Can you Speak Viet??? <<LL>> hmm.. có thể nói là rất là rành, không nhửng là nói tiến Việt mà mình còn viết đựơc nửa. <<QQ>> Vậy Linda có thể hình dung Linda bằng 4 câu không? <<LL>> Vui Vẽ, Thật Thà, Dễ Chịu và Khó Chịu... <<QQ>> Dể Chịu và Khó chịu là sao? <<LL>> Là tuỳ theo hoàng cảnh, có thể nói là lúc nào mình củng dể chịu, còn khó chịu là có thể do ngừơi bên cạnh mình gây ra....... <<QQ>> what is on your mind right now?.............. <<LL>> its Your turn to find out................................ If only this world was perfect, then no one would ever have to suffer through all the tears and heartache... But if it was perfect, what is the fun the meaning to life, what lesson will you learn if there are no challenges? Doi qua tieng Viet
 Tim Kiem:  <<QQ>> Are you Single? <<LL>> Nope I'm taken by Chris (Hung) <<QQ>> How did you end up in Vietsingle? <<LL>> this is funny, September 2005.. I was trying to help a friend of mine to create a profile for her, she told me to make one for a sample, and thats how I end up with this profile, Nothing is wrong with going on vietsingle, its always good to have a new friends who would listen to you when you are depress... <<QQ>> What is your message for everyone on here? <<LL>> Thanks everyone for taking your time reading my infos, hopefully this will answers most of your questions & concerns. I'm not looking for anyone, I'm only here for friends, so feel free to cotact me if you want to hear my long life story, and share your story with me as well. :) but please DO NOT CONTACT ME if you have a dirty mind... YOU WILL NOT GET A REPLY FROM ME WHAT SO EVER. ------------------------------------ If you are bored visit My website: .myspace/lindalenguyen ......azn-love Doi qua tieng Viet

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