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thomas nguyen - ID: 974973
 IP & Posted by: on October 8, 2010 at 2:57pm
 Updated by:  February 24, 2012 at 1:10pm
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  48
 Height:  5 Feet 4 Inches (163 cm)
 Weight:  125 lbs (57 kg)
 Body Type:  Slim
 From City:  saint petersburg
 State/Province:  Florida
 Zip:  33760
 Country:  United States
 Religion:  Catholic
 Education:  High School graduate
 Occupation:  electronic
 Smoker:  Light smoker
 Drinker:  Not drink at all
 Marital Status: Divorced
 My goal:  I want to known what's the law?where's justice?how-called human right? the law,the justice,the human rights for everyone or just just only to specific who's have a power,money,women????? GOD.he created all species,he has placed on human beings,he has given mankind has a brain for thinking, understanding.God gaves man a heart to express love and hate,he also gave man a mouth to speak what are they thinking!what are they want to talking and they mean!but the law,justice,and the poeple in power have stolen all, then they try anyway to kill the man for what?? for the money or for the pussy?legal rules are just senceless, sence,operators of those laws are themselves,the operators of high school but no null brain,heart, conscience,didn't distinguish right from wrong,black and white,is like the woman who instigated disregard for the law,do the immoral and turn sold dignity.Justtice doesn't belong to the men and a this country country humanity is no death sentence, no shots of grace,but they are the murder of the terror of the law,by poeple from out wide as high school was to kill surplus of men over time, Here are 2 stories I want to raise: 1- in one other trial,have a lawyer it has submitted to the judge that,the other man wanted a divorce but don't pay child support,after listerning,the judge asked the man are you wanted to fight for the law?why don't pay child support,man said to the judge that I know is a law and duty of parent,but I have a question to be answered clearly where base on which he forced me to support for childrent,after listerning the lawyer,he took out a sheet of the child's birth certificate submitted to the judge and said:the children's last name is his last name,the judge asked him what are you wanted to say or not? he's replies that itn't my last name but the women's last name other more than anyone she knew the other kids was his one,then he said,I agreed to pay child support for the kids because this is my gift for the kids,can't use the law to force me. 2- once day have 3 man,after leaving office and coming on a car,the driver for driving to a restaurant,in the way they met many men who roam the streets a fist man also was a law proposal,he took out two biil,each one 10 dollar drop down on the street,he smilled and said I had help two men have been a delicious lunch.the second man is the judge also found that follow he took out 4 bill each one five dollar drop down on the street,then he smiled and said I had just helped fouth man was a normal lunch.the thrid man is a lawyers did the same,he took out twenty bill each one one dollar also drop down on the street and smille and said I just helped twenty man can help them buy water against thirst hot climate in florida.finally said to driver,if I can do other then I do them,but result will be better then any one,the driver immediately pointed to the front and say I just need to drive this car crashed into a car running in front of petrol after you die already the florida man in particular as well as, the in general will no longer live in shame of the law by operating his,moreover at least two child is not living away from their father!!. Translate to English
 Free Time:  born into the right place,but lives in the wrong place!!the man in this country don't have nothings how can I have free time,according to the ranking of those lawyers,judges,the man lower more than insects,animals. how to invoke the pride to become U.S citizens and be living in the U.S.(what does is mean is proud to be american).law,Justice,human rights law is 3,when Justice and human rights law doesn't exist,the law isn't nonsence. I'm learning not much,but I have four questions would be raised to benefit genuis that help me answer,if you can answer that then you can take away my life at any time and any way. 1-history of this country not at war, if a war is coming the man or the woman is holding a gun and sacrifice or die to defend this country. 2- history of this country have a women are talented,brilliant and have the talent and virtue to take this country become the world's leading. 3- sunday go to the church for you to praise God,thank God or that you come to church to admire women?God created man before or the first woman?? 4-God created a woman with someting of the man?? so why the law is fucked the man for what??any one allway say the judge and lawyer allway like women for what??? Translate to English
 I Am:  I'm living in the U.S. for 12 years, working for pinellas county for almost 10 year,the man 10 year before talk to the lady(her first think of their actions,because I don't want to see children living away form parent!!)5 year later he maked a tatoo on left shouder(sad for fate!!and 4 small feet with 2 letter C and K and the ?. it's mean when I say sad for fate! where is the kid going??right now anytime my phone ringing you will be hear the song like this:by việt nam(để tôi đây tôi ngặm đắng nuốt cay tôi lấy cây kim này tôi đổ mực ra pha tôi xâm vào mong đít 3 chữ hận the law.and by english:(I'm here for my mortification,I pulled the needle out of this phase, parked my spuid invasion in three words would hate law ass)because I can not continue living with this women so I have to divorce,the following is information related to violation of the law and abuse against children,so the law is and where are??? 1-from the video for security at home, the kid ask mom(what are you doing mom? and the lady say:you just go ahead sleepping,I reading newspaper find something,then tomorow buy the foods for you,what did I'm thinking when I hear that? no light in this room(in the kid bedding)so, kid don't see nothing,so the kid ask mom like that, if no light how can the lady reading newspaper??what are they doing in the kid bedding??. 2-one night I leaved the job early 10 munite(before breaktime,8:20pm)go back home,when I coming in the house, the son(4 year old and not yet talking)run into me,hold my hand full me come in my bed rơm,he open the closets right there I put 2 VCR to recording in and out the house. so I known the VCR is off this time. 3-once monday afternoon,when I carry my kid went to buy pizza hut,locate on 4 strees north,while Iwaiting for pick up a pizza,one man come to see me(I never meet him before)he ask me,what's am I with two kid?and the owner of the car I was driving,then I just say:this is my kids and I'm owner that car too, he told me the women had ever drive this car and had walked with two babies was a man of extortion at at the laundry shop,locate on 62ave near my house,normaly I can't believed any one I never meet,but this time I beleived him when I saw him swear post office unifrom,I known this lady has something wrong alot,I don't known why she own the man alot money?what is she doing with that money?who is the man?where is he living?what's happen in this case??why she never talk to me? 4-2007 between june and july,when I come back viet nam,no one stayed in this house,but after I return U.S. I pay for water bill and electric bill as the same price,on those month:06,07,08 09,10.can you tell me known who's gave the key for some one else come and living in this house??who's has a permit to living in this house when the owner not here?what and where is the law? 5- 09-2008 in the morning at 8:10am(the lady and two kid at school,I'm at work) I used phone to call back home phone for clocked alarm systerm,but has some one else inside a house,pick up home phone then turn on,so I can't clocked alarm systerm, who has permit come inside the house?what are they want?? 6-during the period from 2005-2009, when I was tracking it,whenever,I go any where,do anything,and meet someone,(not from police,investigators)who's has a permit to do that,for what's and find something wrong????what are they want?when I known that,I talked with the lady tell them known go ahead put the gun on my head then kill me,or call police,and do what ever they want.?? 7-one morning while I left the school after ceremony for my kids get the sheets of the paper at the end of the year bonus,I received a phone call from my friend,then I known someone else use my email addrees being online and do something,how can they have my password??and do did for what??many and many things on this house it's not right,they want to do what ever they want,I just do as I can!!.... 04-2009 last month,I have officially applied for divorce,in the application I have declared all clear is money,the bank debt of approximately,the money own from credit card,morgate monthly salary..v.v.moreover I have decided to cross home for my child to be a paeceful place to live,I also agree to pay child support law.3 month late,I received a letter from lawyer william. D.slicker.P.A 4554 central ave,suite E st petersburg,FL,33711.I'm not good at speaking english,I don't understand much,I don't understand much about the law,but my heart tell me known he's a bad lawyer, after reading the letter from the lawyer,I understand he didn't mention,concern for my child life,what he was intereted and made it: 1-I have money alimony for lady, 2-beyond his own intention,to re-price home and make changes to my documents from my divorce didn't become opposition.(from uncontested to contested)what's mean for he do??? can I talk about two kid:I can confrim that:first child 11 year old it not my daughter,(a doctor based in the words of U.S.immigration in saigon)and also based on the child's birth month too, but I still agreed to pay child support because this was my gift for this kid.also the second kid(boy)the implementation has been saved because they need surgery,when she was 6 month pregnant,so I'm not sure he's my son, after I found divorce,encounters a lawyer,the first thing I want is to complete the procedures,so I can fulfill reponsibilities as a father, but everything can't be conducted until the end of dec,2009 when lawyer rosenthai,ailien on vacation I recieved a phone call from his office,when I be there,I recieved a letter from lawyer william.D.slicker,in this letter,I need to pay to my ex-wife 5.600 for child support,and the other form about the house,I can't understand this form so I ask them can I bring it home for reading or I need a copy I will be back on next day,then they said:if I want to pay I just sign it,if I didn't agreed no need to sign,no copy,no bring it home(what something wrong in this form??what did they wanted??it's a dirdy bussiness then I going home, all though unable to complete the child support payments,but I still pay house payments, during this time I can't visit the kids or talking on the phone with the kids,have once day,when I was in school to see my kids I was there principal of the school she lie to me 3 time when I talk to her I want to see my kids,she said:my kids not in the school,my kids going home already, then I went outside,I waiting on parking lot,until 5.30pm she call police coming then give to me a warning,and tell me known in the next two year I can't coming in this school if they see me,I will be in jail,so it is fairthful?? it's right??this is american law??proud to be american like that!!!until may,2010 when the procedure for child support payments the lawyer didn't forget to get this money.right now I'm working very hard at night with a noodles cup for what?? this is a man's life living in the U.S. left the house,more than 10 year I have paid the morgate but never said it was my house,when the divorce was filled,I also said that leaving her and two children,after leaving a house and continue to pay until 05-2010,she also listened to the people change the locks,and wrote a letter then say she's home,if I want to see children will lead to other places not in this house,and she never pay morgate,more of her attorney(william.D.slicker)he's forced to send letter for me to provide her 26.000.00(thousand)so I want to know this money is money rust, where's come from??why force me to pay for her??is this american law??I never hear that!have his attorney,understand the law,then using the law,to persecute me,or is the law has granted a license to kill any one if he's want for what??after that lawyer(william.D.slicker)he has used every trick to terrorize me,he had sent letters to every place to get all money to spend(401 k,pension plans)he also sent letters to both the tax office to isolate retrieve all of my income every month,try any way to kill the man with out knowledge the law and speaking english.If it's the law,why the first time sent a letter to me,he had not yet all you have to wait until today to his new.This is proud to be american? Translate to English
 Looking For:  any one to help me out!!!return the justice for any one is right!!thanks any one save a time to reading this profile!!! Translate to English

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