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Hồ Sơ: 1461116 Đăng Ký Hồ Sơ Sửa Chữa Hồ Sơ Xem Thư Từ Tìm Kiếm Hồ Sơ Báo Cáo Hồ Sơ Xấu Trang Chính

 18 Wheeler - ID: 1461116
 IP và Ngày: on May 4, 2019 at 1:20pm
 Sửa Chữa Ngày:  May 28, 2020 at 2:19pm
 Giới Tính:  Nam
 Tuổi:  51
 Chiều Cao:  6 Feet 0 Inches (183 cm)
 Cân Nặng:  175 lbs (80 kg)
 Thân Hình:  Slim
 Từ Thành Phố:  Little Saigon
 Tiểu Bang:  California
 Zip:  9****
 Đất Nước:  United States
 Tôn Giáo:  Không có Đạo
 Học Vấn:  Will tell you later
 Nghề Nghiệp:  TRANSPORT
 Hút Thuốc:  Không Hút Thuốc
 Uống Rượu:  Không Biết Uống Rượu
 Gia Cảnh: Sống Độc Thân
 Mục Tiêu:  when different race males punch Asian women in the face. You view YouTube videos. Million cases unlimited. Different race males hunting for Asian women. Google. IP. address came from deadly zones. Wuhan coronavirus. Africa Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa. West and East Europe and America's homeless crisis. YouTube. These Amigos on the hunt you 24/7. Don't forget about student loan payment scam - up to $65M. Suspected educated. Google. FBI don't get paid to do the job for you. Using a stolen photo online date. No news. Years went by these Amigos are free. Why no tax ID. Why no school ID. Why no ID card. So scary! No home address. No car insurance and no car registration. Just another Scary in life! DMV 10 years print out have none because have never been presiding in America that's why. Car insurances full out your DMV records did they? One more scary because these Amigos actually came from Kabul Islamabad Africa and bum num education level like doomsday. Billion TON fake documents like was born in the State. Engineer but not engineering. Pretty weird! Doctor but no name showing on any websites and tax services doesn't has his Social Security number on files. More weird when drive job but driving jobs. Take a look at their situation in free time: Listening to music. One more scary Amigo. In free time: swimming, golfing. Amigo your English horrible. Sounds like second grade! Oh, I see Amigos scam using free phone Google app. install thereafter, highjacked phone ID for random extortion and scam chat. Oh, I see you Amigos no tax filed this year, last year and thousand yrs before last year. These Amigos came from deadly zones. Someone plz call Crazy Doctor for an appointment tomorrow for me. If you my woman. I will honor find you a brand new future. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
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 Tôi Là:  feeling blue - meaningful of the MAN. Income tax filed speak for myself. Your car registration and insurance coverage speak for yourself. When you and I sharing the same feeling blue? Anyway better than the Bum unemployed. Is it not? At least your Anh come home with money for you just slide them in ATM machine founder by the Man was born in Vietnam. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Tìm Kiếm:  Whispering lovely sounds. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt

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