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Ho So: 1289027 Dang Ky Ho So Sua Chua Ho So Xem Thu Tu Tim Kiem Ho So Bao Cao Ho So Xau Trang Chinh

 KenFerrari - ID: 1289027
 IP va Ngay: on June 16, 2014 at 12:46am
 Sua Chua Ngay:  January 4, 2019 at 1:41am
 Gioi Tinh:  Nam
 Tuoi:  35
 Chieu Cao:  5 Feet 6 Inches (168 cm)
 Can Nang:  Will tell you later
 Than Hinh:  Athletic
 Tu Thanh Pho:  Portland
 Tieu Bang:  Oregon
 Zip:  97213
 Dat Nuoc:  United States
 Ton Giao:  Will tell you later
 Hoc Van:  MA/MS/MBA
 Nghe Nghiep:  Business, CEO
 Hut Thuoc:  Non-smoker
 Uong Ruou:  Not drink at all
 Gia Canh: Single
 Muc Tieu:  Tìm kiếm một Người yêu và chăm sóc cuộc sống! Làm cho thế giới một nơi tốt đẹp hơn! Giúp đỡ những người không may mắn. Anh là người thông cảm và biết lo lắng gia đình. Doi qua tieng Viet
 Gio Ranh Roi:  Inventing things, volunteering in community, graphic designing, going concerts, dining at best places, hiking, swimming, biking, going to gym, cooking, making youtube commercials and videos.. and much, much more fun things! Doi qua tieng Viet
 Toi La:  I believe anything is possible. Always pushing myself to the limits to be a better person. I'm successful, independent, athletic, and skill-full. I'm confident, fearless and not afraid of anything!! Ok, maybe with the exception of the occasional spider.. haha I speak Viet, and some Chinese. Loves to play sports; basketball, tennis, swimming and do outdoors activities such as biking, hiking, and jogging in the parks. I work out on a weekly schedule in my free time. I'm an easy going person, laid back, no drama, and am respectful. I volunteer teaching people life skills and gives out a helping hand whenever I can. I'm really a nice guy. So nice that most people thinks I'm an angel. lol. Ok maybe not a real angel, but I make the best of the short time I have here on earth. Doi qua tieng Viet
 Tim Kiem:  Tìm kiếm: Dễ tính cách, thái độ tốt, thích học, thích vui chơi, mua sắm, xem phim, nghe nhạc, khiêu vũ, không lười biếng. Doi qua tieng Viet

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